Here are some newspaper clippings from The Boston Daily Globe 1800

Boston Daily Globe

…sniiiu sum, tenth ot its value perhaps, with wlilcli ho returns to tho bank, procures fresh “stiick of chips,” riiuews his play, uud seldom falls lo “quit”‘ before he has “won out”a sufiloleni; amount to redeem his coat. tho ladles nf elegant: leisure, as ilie inmates of brothels are sonietunes termed, put in tlielr most costly wraps at times to replenish the pockets of an impecunious loveror to satisfy desire which they havo for “racket” thai comes upon them when they are in bad fluanoial way. tlie instances are nire when they fall to redeem…

Monday, October 22, 1883 Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Daily Globe

…they knew nothing of tho crime they wont to fight. “not till tltey wore surrounded by whose lives were lives of vice, with whom crime was daily affair, did thoy know anything of whot wickedness there was in the world. “with tho keepers of these thousands of brothels the police of our city are largely 111 collusion, tho captains know where they are, and it lald is to be made the criminal inmates of these places are warned in time. “there are people who know and have told me, and we have the proof that the poiioe…

Friday, June 01, 1894 Boston, Massachusetts


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