Library Duty

I’ve been here at the Fisher Library most the morning and afternoon. I found a great database through the public library database of America’s Historical Newspapers. It lead me to archives to newspapers dated from 1690 to 1922 and had a lot of opinion sections especially about prostitutes and brothels.

Something interesting popped up while I was searching the databases. From the Publisher of the Boston Evening Post, May 1, 1738 about brothels in the New England.

Quoting from this Newspaper:

“If a Brothel Houfe is known, or but fufpected, People are prefently for pulling it down and a Mobb rais’d for that Purpofe …”

Though I looked for the dates of three day and three night raid on the Beehive Brothel in 1735. There seems to be no mentions of prostitutes or brothels in the newspaper archives till the 1700.

On to the Globe and the Herald, though they have only archives online starting in 1980.


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