The Famous Beehive on the North End

I have been reading Uneasy Virtue and found this passage about the famous Beehive Brothel, besides being a brothel it was a dance hall and did not serve liquor.

The Beehive was a 3 story, coned shaped building on North Margin Street, owned by a widow named Marm Cooper, who lived with her two daughters, and a rotating population of prostitutes and their patrons. It was the first brothel to be attacked by a mob. in 1825 which grew to over 300 persons and went on for three days and nights along Ann Street (now North Street).



  1. Why was it attacked?

  2. Some 200 Boston rioters in mid-July tear down the infamous Beehive brothel in the North End. City authorities have turned a deaf ear to demands that it be torn down; the section is rife with dance halls, saloons, and other brothels. Mayor Josiah Quincy has cracked down on such establishments in the West End since his election in 1823 but not in the North End; he urges the men to desist, they riot again in an excess of religious fervor and moral indignation, and although Quincy and the Board of Aldermen offer a reward for information about the rioters only 15 men are brought to trial; seven receive jail sentences of 1 to 3 months each.

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