Male Brothels

I was doing research tonight and found that there were male brothels here in Boston.

Peg-Houses: Brothels go by many names: whore house, brothel… This one’s very special, though, for it comes from sailors circa the 1800s, who called a boy brothel “peg-houses,” and I can only imagine what “peg” means; I’m sure you can, too.

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  1. Any more details on the male brothels- how common, how often frequented, pricing, etc?

  2. Yes, from the book I found in the digital library online, Departing from Deviance: A History of Homosexual Rights and Emancipatory Science in America, I found a lot about about “peg houses”. Peg houses catered to homosexual men who preferred virile, straight looking hustlers. The term came by way of British India and referred to brothels furnishing young boys to predictors. Between sex acts, the boys were kept sitting on benches studded with up right pegs for the purpose of keeping their anuses distended to a size large enough to accommodate penetration.

    People used this term unaware of it’s origins.

    Male brothels were ran by a “madam” who owned and ran the establishment and was gay (homosexual).

    The typical male brothel was usually a three to five bedrooms. In one of the rooms you would find about ten male prostitutes entertaining themselves by playing cards, or reading. They dressed in street clothing and the age ranged from eighteen to twenty-eight. Most lacking in education and refinement. In the 1930’s the price was $10.00, $5.00 to the male prostitute and $5.00 to the house (madam). It was customary for a 50/50

    The men who frequent these male brothels were very wealthy men, actors, poets, politicians and writers. By 1941 the FBI closed them all down because of the war hysteria.

    I think the male prostitute was treated so much better than woman prostitute from the early 1700 to present.

  3. In the mid-1800s, brothels opened on the frontier to satisfy the needs of pioneers. Soon they were established as far as the west coast, and some, known as “peg-houses” featured young men as prostitutes. These establishments took their name from the Mediterranean tradition of displaying available boys on a long rack. The boys were anally impaled on pegs of various sizes abutting the rack, to help customers decide which boy would suit their needs. Here is a description of an American version from the mid-19th century:
    “Most of the boys in coastal peg-houses were poor runaways who had gone west in search of adventure. They were easily preyed on and seduced by wily agents who received anywhere from $100 to $500 for each boy they delivered to the brothel syndicate. At first, the boys were sent to a farm or ‘camp’ where they were fattened up, beautified and trained. Boys were not sent to the regular $1.00 houses until they were twelve or quite large for their ages at 10 or 11. They usually stayed in the peg-houses until they were 16 or 17. Opium was sometimes available too. The boys in these houses were usually narcotics addicts and therefore easy to keep under control (through drugs) for as long a time as they remained desirable for sexual purposes.”

    The following is a fictitious account of a man’s experience visiting one of these peg-houses:

    I approached the peg-house late one afternoon after a hard day of gold prospecting. It was located in a wooded area, quite secluded and far from any roads.

    The madam greeted me inside (she was the only female I would encounter at the house) and assured me that I would enjoy my visit, as only the prettiest boys were employed. She took me into a nearby sitting room where I first saw the prostitutes available for hire.

    The room was large and circular, with chairs set out along the walls. About a dozen of the chairs were filled with boys who either were entirely naked or wearing only minimal clothing. The youngest of the boys looked to be about 12 years of age, while the oldest were no more than 15 or 16.

    On closer examination, I could see that all of the boys wore makeup on their faces to accentuate their beauty. All of them were completely smooth, without body hair. They smiled at me as I passed by, trying to win my favor.

    Given their age, many of the boys had immature sex organs, with small penises and testes that hadn’t fully descended. The older boys were more naturally more developed in that regard, but none had body hair in the genital region.

    After viewing the boys, I told the madam that I had heard that her peg-house had some particular kinds of boys that were not present in the room. When she inquired what I meant, I told her that boys missing some of their sex organs, called eunuchs, could be purchased for a day’s pleasure. She smiled and said that I was correct, and led me into another, smaller room, where I was told to wait.

    Shortly, the madam returned with three boys wearing only undergarments. She instructed them to stand before me and strip naked. After doing so, the boys set their feet far apart so that I could inspect them properly. Sure enough, all three were eunuchs, retaining their penises but lacking testes. I lifted the small penis of the first boy so that I could examine his empty pouch, which had become little more than a flap of skin. The other two boys were in similar state, although one had a slightly swollen scrotum. The madam explained that he had only recently been rendered a eunuch, and had not completely recovered from the procedure.

    As I inspected the boys, the madam said that all were 12 years old, which was considered the ideal age for castration. They would retain their boyish looks much longer, and not grow too muscular. Like the boys in the other room, these young men also wore facial makeup to highlight their beauty.

    I told her that one boy in particular interested me. She said his name was William, who had joined her peg-house almost a year earlier. He had arrived from Chicago in a sorry state, half-starved and filthy. Through proper feeding and care, William had blossomed into a beautiful lad. He stood no more than five feet tall, and weighed no more than a hundred pounds, if that. His complexion was fair, and his long golden hair fell loosely over his narrow shoulders.

    The madam explained that she had offered William a reward if he agreed to be made into a eunuch. He would be given more spending money, and could live in the same house as her and the other eunuch boys rather than in the barracks with the other boys. Since William was quite attached to her (she seems to have become a surrogate mother to him), he agreed to her proposal.

    The castration had been performed in her bed several months before. The boy was allowed to smoke opium until he fell into a stupor, then tied securely. A man who had some surgical skills with animals performed the actual procedure, slicing open the boy’s sack and removing the testes. The boy gave little resistance, owing to his state of intoxication.

    After healing, William had become her most popular eunuch. He was very talented with his mouth, and many men commented that William’s anus was quite tight and provided them with great pleasure.

    I told the madam that I wished to spend the remainder of the afternoon with William. She told me that the charge would be 75 cents for oral manipulations, or one dollar for anal pleasure. I paid the higher sum, and she led me to William’s room in the back of the house.

    When I entered his room, William was sitting in front of a mirror, brushing his hair. He smiled as I placed my hand on his shoulder, continuing to comb his long tresses. I could see that William had already applied dark mascara to his eyelashes, which gave him a most striking appearance. In addition to his face, he had placed rouge on his small boyish nipples.

    William watched in the mirror as I disrobed and placed my clothing on top of the dresser. When I was fully undressed, William stood up and promptly kneeled before me, taking my penis in his hands and beginning to suck it. His warm, wet mouth inflamed me, and I soon was fully aroused as I watched him pleasure my stiff organ.

    Not wanting to end our afternoon together too soon, I stopped William and asked him to lie on the bed face-up. He smiled and complied, spreading his legs apart as I explored his genitals. I rubbed my fingers over the remains of his sack, asking him if he regretted losing his manhood. He answered no, he didn’t miss them. William had been castrated before he had achieved any erections or ejaculations. Thus, he never knew the pleasures that would forever be denied him.

    As we spoke, my fingers embraced his tiny penis, gently stroking it until William sighed with contentment. Impulsively, I bent over and captured the limp organ in my mouth, wetting it with my lips and tongue. Alas, the castration had rendered him permanently impotent, and no amount of stimulation could induce the penis to harden.

    I put my index finger to my lips, then used it to probe William’s anus. To my surprise, that organ yielded immediately, allowing my finger to easily slip inside. He closed his eyes and sighed as I massaged the silky passage, while continuing to hold his penis within my mouth.

    By this time I could no longer contain my passions, so I lifted William’s frail legs and placed them on my shoulders. He watched passively as I placed my penis against his opening and gently pushed forward. William’s body stiffened slightly and his eyes closed as the head of my organ penetrated him, so I paused briefly until he relaxed. The boy smiled and nodded, so I continued until the full length of my shaft was buried inside him.

    At first I used a steady pace, but my thrusting became more frantic as I looked down at William’s beautiful form. His angelic face was the last thing I saw before I closed my eyes and felt my penis spasm, the intense ecstasy surging throughout my body. William watched with interest as my breathing slowed, and I gently removed my penis from his body. The organ was still hard, and fluid dripped from the tip. He handed me a cloth and I wiped my penis clean. Then I embraced William, lying still and enjoying the warmth of his thin young body.

    Although I had already paid the madam, I gave William some silver coins, and he was most grateful. As I dressed, I told him that I would be back to see him soon, and he said that would be wonderful. I kissed this beautiful naked boy full on the lips and left his room, entranced by the wonders I had just experienced.

    I did indeed return to the peg-house several more times to spend time with William. But after the local gold mine had been exhausted, I reluctantly moved on. After our last encounter, William wept when I told him that I wouldn’t be returning. I told him that I loved him, and would always remember our times together.

    I never saw or heard of William again, but always thought back fondly to my experiences with my eunuch boy. I’ve wondered since how long he remained at the peg-house, and what became of him after he left that place.

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