History of Brothels Timeline

1605 – In the 18th century, Puritan moralists ransacked brothels. Pope Day festivities — which celebrated the failure of Guy Fawkes to blow up the English Parliament in 1605 — repeatedly led to smashed windows and bodily assault in colonial Boston. The 19th century saw vicious anti-Catholic attacks by working-class Yankees who feared the threat posed by an influx of Irish Catholics willing to work for low wages. Show less
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Bread Riots; Violence Against Brothels; Tearing Down a Barn
At least three Boston riots had to do with a shortage of bread. In two riots, the targets were brothels. One Boston riot followed a great fire in 1711. Another, in 1721, followed a smallpox epidemic.

On at least one occasion, a mob acted in the interest of the town government. The town had proposed a new street, conducted a survey and found that a man’s barn stood in the way. Rather than waiting for the tedious process of acquiring the property and compensating the obstinate owner, townspeople gathered one night, blackened their faces, and tore the barn down.

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Boston Brothel Riot, Boston, Massachusetts

1795 – In Boston, several local observers reported to Jeremy Bel- knap in 1795 that the town had already witnessed several riots whose participants tore down brothels and bawdy houses—particularly those that mixed black and white men and women. In Philadelphia and New York, prostitution became a prominent symbol of disorder and the focus of reform efforts in the early decades of the nineteenth century. There seems little doubt that the number of prostitutes and their customers

Jul 1825 – In mid-July 1825, Boston men tore down notorious bawdy houses in the North End of the city. The area was home to numerous brothels, saloons and dance halls. When city leaders did not close the “Beehive,” an infamous house of prostitution there, about 200 working class men descended on it and tore it to the ground piece by piece. Mayor Josiah Quincy urged the rioters to desist, but they rioted again. Quincy and the Board of Aldermen offered a reward for information.

Oct 1813 – Helen Jewett was born Dorcas Doyen in Maine, sometime in October of 1813. After her mother died, and her father remarried, she was forced to find employment as a domestic servant. Sometime later, after a scandal deemed her “damaged goods,” she began working as a prostitute. After spending time in Portland and Boston brothels, she came to New York. Jewett had only been in New York about four years prior to her murder. Show less
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1823 – Poor black areas of the cities sometimes became special targets of another kind. When Mayor Josiah Quincy of Boston declared war on illegal drinking establishments and brothels in 1823, he personally led raids into the black section of Beacon Hill. Two years later, a mainly middle-class mob of Bostonians followed his example, though without legal authority. With blackened faces, carrying pitchforks and noise makers, they invaded brothels and gambling houses in the North End … Show less
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1872 – In those days, education took second place to play on most campuses, and Will Frost played hard; he gambled, drank heavily, and visited brothels in Boston, while still managing to do well enough in his studies to graduate with honors in 1872. His goal was to enter politics after a period in journalism, and in preparation he had spent his senior year working part-time for the Boston Saturday Evening Gazette. The idea of trying his hand at more literary work also attracted him … Show less
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Jan 12, 1897 – Ile spoke about saloons, brothels and rambling dens, ho that God -ould strike Boston w(th thy of his po ‘et.The choir = “Baptize us r, ith the ” and “Stto ‘ ers of B(Wslngs.” anti Prot Totvner rendered a beautiful solo, “Immanuel, Prince oC Peace.”Then \lu Moody ordered the doors closed …
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