Brothels 1700

Timothy Gilfoyle writes about the history of prostitution in an article entitled “Prostitution” (in US history) published in The Reader’s Companion to American History. This article summarized the history of United States’ prostitution. It began as a European import to North America. During the 1700s, due to the stationing of soldiers in New York and Boston these cities had the most prostitutes. After 1810, prostitution became both a political and social problem. Prostitution rose due to rapid urbanization, expanding male population, low female wages and discrimination against women.

During the 1800s, prostitution was divided into three subcultures. Five to ten percent of women made up the first subculture. Women in it for the $. The second subculture was a “sporting male” group encouraged to hire prostitutes. Brothels made up the third subculture.


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